This is the sort of relaxing weekend I needed (but didn't get) ....  maybe next weekend :)
These gorgeous shots are from GANT.
love the vintage car and hamper...so sweet



Karena said...

Adore these images!! Yes I need a weekend like this as well!!

Art by Karena

Brabourne Farm said...

I can't think of a lovelier weekend - everything just perfect! Hope you're well and having fun. Leigh

jules @ The Diversion Project said...

same here darl, not even close. looks perfect, but perhaps minus the just married sign on the car. keep the guy, yes please, but marriage....hmmm maybe not. ;)

hope you had a little fun and relaxation over the weekend xxx

Simone said...

Me too....would LOVE a week-end like this (and a guy in shorts & a blazer!!)

Love to you honey xx

Kimberlee said...

Wow those are gorgeous! I want to be that chic lounging in my bathing suit ;)

Charlotta Ward said...

Wonderful pics D!
Love the holiday feel and I so wish we were going into Spring rather than sinking deeper into Autumn right now..!

xx C

cecylia said...

these are amazing! I love the one of her in a blac tux carrying the luggages- what an amazing lifestyle!