Denim, Bikes & Pizza Bianca

Perfect gear to go wandering around the forest in, setting up a mini feast  ... don't you think? The baked lamb and Pizza Bianca look heavenly to me and just loving the retro bike and basket. Come on let's go ...

xxx DJ

Denim by Raleigh ~ food & styling by Paul Lowe, photography by Colin Cooke for Sweet Paul Magazine


Victoria said...

3 of my favourite things. I need some new jeans and those Raleigh ones look really great.

Allison Egan said...

So beautiful and inviting - I love picnics in the woods too!

xo Allison
Spicer + Bank

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

Oh my goodness Deej,
What a wonderful post, full of delicious ideas. I might have to rustle some of those recipes up at some point. ....and what wonderful food photography. That first image is going in my store of photos !!
Just saw your comment on Lou's Boo's and Shoes.I think of you ALL of the time when I see beautiful fashion or when I'm shopping for clothes.....and, you show the most beautiful interiors too. More of those please !!
Must off shopping and need to find my tophat !!!! haha XXXX

With love... said...

Loving it!

Have a wonderful week


Joanne Angelina said...

Wholeheartedly agree about wandering in the forest with a mini feast- must add that on my life to-do list.

Hope things have been well, take care!

Just White said...

MMM looks so yummy!!!
Thank you for the recipe!!!
Have a lovely week, Eliana

Diana Reis Germanowicz said...

I love the idea the to do a picnic on the forest. Looks so sexy! lol..... love the pants and shoes!!! ;)

Sweet Harvest Moon said...


martinealison said...

L'ensemble de vos photos sont très belles...

Dentelline said...

I love pizza bianca!
Viva Italia!
A great meal!!!
Beautiful photos!
Have a good evening!