Weekend Musings

This photograph just speaks weekend to me ... love the soft natural light and the relaxed setting. I could sink into those pancakes pictured below pretty regularly too.

photo by Anna-Marie at heltenkelthosmig, as is that delicious pancake shot.

have a gorgeous weekenk,
x debra

2 my scan 3 by anna malin
4 by nicholas watt for inside out au, my scan
toast tumblr unknown source
7 j.crew flickr


Kostantina Saraidari said...

I love walking along the beach even when it rains! Have a nice weekend!

Corrina said...

MMMMM weekend! Love all these shots, we had pancakes today but they didn't look that good. Its finally stopped raining here after two weeks and some parts of our country flooding, we hopped in the car and drove to our nearest water fall and it was astoundingly spectacular! The sheer volume of water. We walked the bush track too about 1.5 klms and came home satisfied and tired. Hope your weekend is fab xxCorrina

Helen said...

Have a nice weekend. Your photos are beautifula as always.

Katarina Stimac said...

Gentle, warm and inspirational as always! :)

La Kat

VMcreation-fashion-studio-atelier said...

Wish you lovely,dealight weekend,dear DJ:-)*


My Piece of the World said...

The first photo you posted just speaks to me...exactly how I am feeling right now. Thank you! So refreshing to see other people stopping to breath and enjoy their downtime. Have a great day!

Sobinique said...

Lovely images! Have a good weekend!

dustjacket said...

Sounds lovely Konstantina and the waterfall amazing Corrina!

Thank you for weekend wishes, hope you all have a beautiful one too.

Styleabaad said...

Great collage of photos, makes me crave for pancakes ;) Have a great weekend!