Natural Style (gala of amlul)

Just a few photo's of Gala Gonzalex from blog, Amlul
Gala has such a relaxed natural style and obviously has a lot of fun with fashion ... what a gorgeous smile too. 

xxx dj

hello and welcome to new readers :)


Lenusik Velvetrose said...

tremendous post

Julie Khuu said...

Love her fun take on mixing glam for day, but totally wearable nonetheless!

Peace. Love. LOL!


Alexis said...

Such beautiful photos, what a lovely lady!

Kate said...

Wow, I just love her style! Hope you had a lovely weekend. x

Kate {Something Fabulous}

classiq said...

Such a beautiful smile and she looks so chic in that last outfit: denim on denim looks good on her. :)

barefoot duchess said...

i really admire her style!

claudia said...

She's beautiful!

frillies for fillies said...

That last outfit.... perfect. The collars, the colour match, the necklace, the clutch xKx