A Sydney Apartment

Rich colors and textures, double height windows and bold designs make for one very striking home ...  

photographed by prue ruscoe, styled by steve cordony for belle au (my scans)


xxx dj


Simone said...

I am LOVING all these homes you are showing us, you are spoiling us ;)

It's interesting isn't it....this home isn't my cup of tea but they do have some wonderful pieces of furniture...and those windows are AMAZING!! It's all so well put together.

Okay....so maybe it is my cup of tea after all LOL!! You know what I mean though :)

Happy Week-end to you!! XX

RRD said...

beautiful picts!

caroline @ patagonia gifts said...

I love this apartment. those windows are splendid. hope you have a beautiful weekend, darling!

caroline @ patagonia gifts and jewelry

Kate said...

Wow, what a gorgeous apartment! I love the last photo, those huge windows are just beautiful. xo

Kate {Something Fabulous}

Inner-Outer Beauty said...

Love that green sofa and the green just outside! Also love your blog! Have a great weekend!

Looking Glass said...

Loving that emerald velvet couch!

~ Clare x