Girl About Town (by steven chee)

How gorgeous is this ... beautiful clothes and the wonderful city of New York as a backdrop!
Always love the photography of Steven Chee and the styling of Jesse Hart.

modeled by charlbi dean kriek for shop til you drop au ~ my scans



Santi said...

beautiful pictures :D

Francine Gardner said...

She looks fantastic in the jumpsuit!

Preemie Maboroshi said...

Nice photography style. The color reminds me of the old fashion magazines.

I like the red and black flannel (?) shirt and jeans. I also love that green blouse and green skirt. And the grey miniskirt with the rust-colored (?) blouse is wonderful. I love the dark cuffs and collars -- and the dark nail polish!

DeAnn @ The SIP project said...

LOVE the second picture. Found your blog a few weeks ago and have really enjoyed it, keep up the good work!

Sara Russell Interiors said...

Obsessed with the bold patterns - I am inspired for my fall wardrobe!

xo Sara

Meredith said...

I love all those photos. Makes me want to shop and site see in NYC!