Brooklyn Townhouse

Loved the gorgeous styling in this Brooklyn townhouse ... but then, it does belong to a interior stylist!

photography by trevor tondro


via nicety via nytimes


Simone said...

Wow, wow, wow!!! I'd be happy with just those windows & doors....the rest would be a wonderful bonus!! Oh to be able to afford a stylist/designer for my home....people have such great ideas!!

Limezinnias Design said...

Love that it looks collected and not perfect. So much personality!

Chick Tyler said...

You had me at the fire place!

à la parisienne said...


It's been way too long since I visited!
I hope all is well in your world.

This home is GORGEOUS! I love the architecture, grand archways, molding,gray walls and touches of black and pink throughout.
I also love the blend of old and new. That couch and fireplace would fit nicely in my dream home...


Lost in Provence said...

I saw that house and was crazy for it too! I especially love the "upholstery sauvage"--not too much different than my tape and pushpin jobs!

Hope all is good for you down under... :)

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Such gorgeous colour tones.........and all those interesting vignettes and touches. Gorgeous. I could move right in DJ. xx

Kristin Peake Interiors said...

Love the architectural detail and the character of this townhouse. Really great spaces, great post. Stop by if you get a sec, have a great day


Looking Glass said...

Now this is just divine!

~ Clare x