Alice Gao

I could seriously jump right into these beautifully composed images by photographer Alice Gao....the fact that it's food has nothing to do with it haha. I love Alice's photography, the natural light is used so well and there's beautiful depth in the colors ... Alice also has a gorgeous blog called 'Lingered Upon'.

photographs used with permission

xxx dj

Traditional Italian Wedding

I love the photography in this Italian wedding. The bride chose to have her wedding at her grandmothers home in the country. She had lovely memories of spending many childhood summers with her sisters and cousins there ... she looks so at ease and naturally beautiful.

photographed by luca cepparo

xxx debra


I love all the nostagia tied up in the home of photographer Lara Rossignol. Not only is Lara 
a professional photographer but she has an eye for styling interiors as seen from these images 
of her home ...

photos used with permission .. via lara's blog Piewacket

xxx dj

not long ago i featured lara's gorgeous vintage inspired editorial for rue here

The Mirror

beautiful shot ..... by jamie beck @ from me to you

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thank you to the post social for featuring one of my posts :)

Rue Turbigo, Paris

This really is minimalist living ... I'm always intrigued by homes like these 
as they are so far removed from mine, I collect way too many things! 

This apartment belongs to lawyer Caroline Delaudes and is located in Rue Turgigo, Paris.
photographs by mikkel russel

 gorgeous wooden floors & pretty balconies

xxx dj

Tables, Art & Flowers

All the different dining rooms, so creative ~ mixing art, tables & flowers ...

 via better homes

 via nicety

by frederick j karlsson via alvhem

via skona

 by idha lindhagen via elle

by john gruen via design sponge

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