Lazy Sunday | Fireside | Bath

 ... these images seem perfect for a lazy Sunday ;)

 photo by adriano brusaferri via burdastyle

by lands end via houzz

enjoy your day,



Eleni said...

Enjoy the Sunday Debra! These images are really warm and inviting! xoxo

BEACH & EAU said...


Meredith @ Map and Menu said...

I think you've just convinced me to treat myself to a mid-day bath in our clawfoot - thank you!

Lost in Provence said...

Debra, why did I chose an apartment without a bath again? Why?!

Sigh. And the fireplaces don't work either! *grrrrrr*

dustjacket said...

You too Eleni xx

Meredith...go for it ;)

Heather, what a shame...hopefully next time xxx