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I fell in love with this stunning Perth wedding as soon as I spotted it over at Ruffled. The whole thing just has 
sophisticated style stamped all over it ... 

amazing photography by Teneil Kable and the flowers, by Rebecca Grace, are just beautiful.


The reception venue is Barolo, love it ...

ps the beautiful dress & accessories are from selia yang


Eleanor ~ Ballyhoo & Bedbugs said...

Stunning photos...simple, yet elegant where it counted!

4 Stylish Cherries said...

so adorable! what a dream!

A Gift Wrapped Life said...

Oh, I love everything about this wedding Dj. Her dress for one with the belt, then to add a stole. Perfect. Even the hair is perfectly (and loosely style) styled. Looks like the reception was warm and intimate.........just gorgeous. Listen to me I sound like the fashion police or something! xx

Jacqueline @ HOME said...

What a beautiful wedding Deej ......... firstly they are such a lovely looking couple and her dress is absolutely divine....... the simplest dresses are always the most stunning for me.
I am staying up most of the night, watching the Australian Open tennis ......... the weather is glorious in Melbourne .... it's thick snow here so I am a little envious !!
Enjoy the sunshine and spare a thought for us here in the chilly UK !! XXXX

simone said...

Honestly, out of all the weddings you have ever featured (and you know I love them all!), if I got married again, I'd copy this is absolutely gorgeous!!!

What a beautiful bride and her dress is so elegant. I have to never I never quite got black bridesmaids dresses but here they work perfectly.

I wonder what my husband would say ;) XX

dustjacket said...

Too funny Sande ;o xxx

Yes Jac's, it's super hot in OZ at the moment..that's for sure! xxx

Simone, I know what you mean, just perfect! xxx