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Happy Valentines ... to you from me :)
xx debra

a gorgeous valentine calender | by me and my diy

charlotte olympia heels | photo by eugenie trochu | vogue paris

charlotte olympia heels | photo by eugenie trochu | vogue paris

have to finish off with something pink & sweet! | viennese punch cookies | by what katie ate


Reptilia said...

Lovely post!!


Leblogde Joy said...

so cuuute :)

Michele L. Murphy said...

Hi Debra,
I have only posted here once in all the years I've been following you but if I only have time to look at one blog it's Dustjacket :) Thanks so much for the daily dose of wonderful eye candy. And, wishing you a lovely Valentine's Day!
(Montreal, Canada)

Gilina said...

Happy Valentine's day!:)

dustjacket said...

Michele thank you so much! xxx

Anonymous said...

does anyone know where to get that super lovely pink bag? can't see clearly the letters at the bottom

VM Creation Atelier said...

LOVE this post of you so much,DJ!!!

You makes it always so cute:-)*


dustjacket said...

anon, it's from charlotte olympia too

vicki archer said...

Heaven DJ... such beautiful pics... Hope you had a great day... xv

dustjacket said...

I did Vicki, hope you did too ;) xxx

Amy said...

I love the calender; super sweet :)